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Juventus ready to Sell some players for the sake of recruits 2

Juan Iturbe glad to be back in uniform AS Roma. 23 year old attacker was also confident it could develop into a better player under Luciano Spalletti finish.

Iturbe returned to Rome after completing the loan period for six months in Bournemouth. He had to get back original Club after the United Kingdom decided not to purchase a permanent option.

"As I've often said, I am glad to be back to Rome. I really want to meet Spaletti andworked under his guidance, "said Iturbe.

Paraguay national team player hopes to be able to remain in Specs Futsal Rome throughout the season 2016-2017. In addition, he was also determined to allow can attest to the magnitude of talent.

Iturbe was the player who brought in Rome from Verona in the summer of 2014. He could only scored two goals in 27 appearances in his first season (2014-2015).

Juventus ready to Sell some players for the sake of recruits 2

2015-2016 season he only scored one goal from the 12 matches for six months before Bournemouth on loan.

"My first Season in Rome not positive because it does not follow pramusim exercises then experienced a number of injuries. After that, I went to the United Kingdom and train hard. So, when I returned to Rome already in good condition, "said he.

Rome experienced a rapid succession of coaches when loaning undergo Iturbe. Spalletti became the successor of the previous coach, Rudi Garcia on Jan.

Under the direction of different coach any hope to have fate Iturbe is different from the previous one in Rome.

"Spaletti could help me become a better player. He is very into account tactics evenin training he never liked players make mistakes pass. We have to do it right or he'd be angry, "said Iturbe.

News of interest to the Juventus striker Napoli, Gonzalo, Dismisses growing. In fact,the Bianconeri called ready melego some of the players to have a 28 year old strikerit.

Purchase plan Dismisses by Juventus began from the news that Argentina striker's refusal to sign a new contract along with Napoli.

Juventus ready to Sell some players for the sake of recruits 2

This indicates that the former Real Madrid striker wanted to immediately leave Il Partenopei.

Juventus made Dismisses as one transfer target after losing Alvaro Morata purchased back by Real Madrid. However, in the realization of this transfer, the Bianconeri takes a lot of money.

2-has a clause in his contract release alongside Napoli amounting to 94 million euros ($ 1.36 trillion). If there are other clubs who want Time, they should be able to pull out funds amounting to it.

Juventus recently had a Fund of 30 million euros ($ 434 billion) sale proceeds Morata to Real Madrid. Some players are ready to meet underfunded dilego amounting to 64 million euros ($ 926 billion).

As rumored Corriere dello Sports, some players are ready to be removed is SimoneZaza by 25 million euros, Daniele Rugani (25 million), Roberto Pereyra (17), MauricioIsla (10).

However, Naples has always denied that they will sell 2. Parties no matter the playercalls the Partenopei will soon rejoined the squad on July 25, 2016.

Inter Milan President Erick Thohir attempting to dampen rumors of departure of Mauro Icardi in 2016 summer transfer.

The future of Icardi becoming question marks following the comments at once his agent's wife, Wanda Nara. Wanda States that Icardi did not get salaries that match his contribution at Inter.

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In fact, Wanda "Debunking" of proposals from a number of clubs to the Inter captain, one of which is that in fact rival Inter Milan.

Juventus ready to Sell some players for the sake of recruits 2

Comments hard hardness, He realized by Wanda. However, the patrons still being optimistic can withstand Icardi.

"There is a lot of talk about Mauro Icardi. I would like to reiterate the words of the Sports Director Piero Ausilio, Icardi was the main asset ' captain and Inter he is not for sale, "He said.

Referring to comments Thohir, Inter could just offer a repair contract value to Icardianytime soon. The opportunity has been opened by Ausilio some time ago.

Icardi itself recently signed a new contract in 2015, Only salary she "just" 3.2 million euro (around Rp 46.2 billion) per season or still lost to Geoffrey Kondogbia, who gets 300 thousand euros more.

The revised contract also became a logical step given the role of Icardi as a tersuburin the Inter squad. He scored 16 goals in 2015-2016 season and became top scorerof the 2014-2015 Serie A thanks to a donation of 22 goals.