Kamis, 24 November 2016

The Top Four Teams report series 1 Western region

The eight-team Western Pro Futsal League (PFL) 2016, has begun to show strength.In a match that marked the PFL for 2016 in GOR C-Tra Bandung's Arena, lasts quite festive.

No that's all. Some action showing matches that are loud enough and somewhat surprising. Call it FC Libido Pingdus Indonesia. With only four days of preparation, the team formed merger Libido and Pingdus this can lead the standings while the League.

The Top Four Teams report series 1 Western region

Then how did the other top four teams report in the Western region of PFL 2016 onseries I yesterday? Let us refer to the Zone Futsal Indonesia reviews:

1. FC Libido Pingdus Indonesia
As we know beforehand the Libido, FC rumored vacuum do very short preparation for wading through professional League this year. Andri Irawan's team decided to combine those players with the youth Squad of FC Pingdus Surabaya and carrying thename FC Libido Pingdus Indonesia.

However, the merger of two teams this new power. In fact, some senior players likeAndrew, Bambang Bayu Saptaji (BBS), Andriyana Ekayana already migrated to another team. In fact, preparations for four days did not make the team from Bandung was sluggish and thus appear remarkable.

It could be, this is evidence of the sharp Andri Irawan in preparing the strategy. Plus more the players have a great mental and experienced. So it's no wonder the LibidoPingdus leads the standings temporarily with 6 points.

2. Electric PLN, Jakarta
Electric PLN Jakarta decided to remodel the whole skuadnya this year. New face-to-face is not just on the level of the players, but also the ranks of coaches.

Vennard Hutabarat was the transfer of the first Sepatu Futsal Super League Champion team2013 it. In the hands of Veve, greeting familiar Vennard, Electric PLN now filled players young player terms of experiences such as Dadang Joon, Fhandy Solanki and Reza Yamani.

Early action against Jaya Kencana (JK) be tough action Jakarta team. Playing with a squad capable of, Electric PLN led by Firm Limas can only win by a score of 3-2 thin.Whereas, JK is filled by a very young players and a first-time foray in the Professional League.

But the schemes are clear, evident in the second game against Biangbola. They are playing well although Villareal 2-0 in the first half. With patience and ball-posessionis good making ' Forces Blonde ' do a resounding comeback. Now Electric PLN temporarily topped the standings of the 2nd stick tight FC Libido Pingdus Indonesia.

3. Mataram FC
Mataram FC start their Professional League debut with a 3-1 defeat over BiangbolaKaltim. Team Champions League Futsal Nusantara (LFN) that appear as early actionon grogi. Even the appearance of the with a high fighting spirit when it won theLFN, is not visible on this early action.

As it is still adapting to the atmosphere of a big game, the second game against Jaya Kencana so turning point. Fhandy Butar's team started out from the pressure that makes them ended the game with a 7-3 away. The combination of the old players like Samuel wonderkid Amos with new players like Kind Firmansyah starts to look nyetel. Let alone the Kind that former players of FC Libido that's performing very well for Mataram FC.

4. BJL 2000 Cosmo Semarang
Promotional team BJL 2000 Cosmo is one team that digadang gadang will be serious challengers in 2016. They eventually merged with the Jakarta team Cosmo FC spread impression optimistic for the team.

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How does? Cosmo player filled by players last season players strengthen Electric PLN Jakarta such as Ardy Dwi Suwardy, Deni Handoyo, Rommel Jonathan.
But the team's appearance had not been showing Wahyudin terbaiknnya appearance, it can be seen from yet strong character on the series I.

Against team origin bekasi Bie The Great performing, Rainhard cs, must accept the defeat of 6-5. While in the second they still haven't been able to pull out a win overthen-best performance Futsal Bandung who appears disappointing.