Kamis, 17 November 2016

When Messi Leads Argentina Squad to Boycott Media NEWS

Lionel, in addition to being a leader in the field for the Argentina squad, can also be a leader off the field. This is evident with the Argentina national team who led her boycott to the media after Argentina grabbed a 3-0 victory opponent Colombia.

In the match against Colombia, Messi became the inspiration for victory through Argentina one goal and two asis he prints. Argentina achieved this victory at once memupus the disappointment after the team's 3-0 defeat of Tango from Brazil in Belo Horizonte. That makes the team defeat Argentina bombarded many allegations negative.

One of the players who get a lot of negative is Ezequiel Lavezzi's blasphemy. Players who now play in the China Super League reported by media Argentina sucking marijuana after exercise with Argentina national football team. This push, along with 25other Argentina players, do a boycott against the media by not going to talk to the media in a specified time.

When Messi Leads Argentina Squad to Boycott Media NEWS

"We received many allegations of slanted, and our silence just confronts it all. We are sorry it turned out eventually must be like this, but we have no other choice. We know your work (media parties) and what you should do, but too meddling in the Affairs of the private players, I guess it was something bad, "said Manchester United are as reported by The Guardian.

After pronouncing the words at the top, Manchester United are a pun out of the room press conference along with 25 other Argentina players. This makes the reporters who were at the press conference ever terhenyak, and was not able to say anything.

Another case with Messi who do boycott, coach Edgardo Bauza, Argentina thus expressed his joy after his team able to beat Colombia 3-0. With this the way Argentinato advance to the final round of the World Cup 2018 Russia back open.

"I tell the players that I am satisfied with the results they achieve, let alone they've experienced a full week with the criticism and the match against Colombia pun is notan easy game for them. Messi is a great player, as well as other Argentina players. The way he scored the first goal and it gives asis to teammate to score. He's incredible, "said Bauza as reported by The Independent at www.gosportee.com.

Either stance win the players who did not want to be criticized, or news coverage from media that is too much over the national team in Argentina. The attitude that stilldeserves to be questioned from Messi and fellow timnasnya the other.