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For Ronaldo, Madrid Was Able To Defend Their Champions League Title

There is no Club that was able to defend the title of the most prestigious in Europesince its change of format in the summer of 1992-1993.

AC Milan became the last team before the changes the format it with defended his title in 1990.

Madrid is the most successful club in the history of winning 11 titles. They won the last two titles in just a three-year period.
"Defend the Champions League title is a great challenge and I think Real Madrid has a chance. We know this is a very tough competition but we'll try, "said Ronaldo asreported by the official site of UEFA.

"We will seek from one by one game. In the group stage we will face tough opponents, "said Megastar origin Portugal.

For Ronaldo, Madrid Was Able To Defend Their Champions League Title

Madrid will progress in the Champions League season in group f. Zane's Squads will compete with Sporting CP, Borussia Dortmund, and Legia Warsaw.

Squads with other name Los Blancos will initiate gait in the Champions League season against representatives of Portugal, Sporting CP. the Party will roll in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Thursday (15/9/2016) time Indonesia.
Selection is done via polls on Twitter, Friday (9/9/1999). More than 58,000 a person involved in the polls.

Originally, 16 goalkeeper underwent the quarter-finals. Voters asked to select the best figure from any quarter-final duel.

As a result, Buffon beat Iker Casillas. As for Kahn superior thin from Edwin van der Sar. then, in the semi-final, won 8 percent of the votes over Manuel Neuer. In the meantime, Kahn superior 2 percent over Peter Schmeichel.

Buffon again scooped the most votes in the final round. Only, UEFA does not mention the distribution of support to Buffon and Kahn.

The decision of the fans choose Pick belongs to the unusual. For 38-year-old players that have never won the Champions League. Real Madrid is King of the UEFA Champions League. Inside, the blood, and the history of Los Blancos, the most elite clubcompetition in Europe is like the DNA of Madrid.

La decima, their 10th title in the event, won after going through the struggle and the anticipation for 12 years. But, after the title was won in 2013-2014, la undecima, 11th title, followed two years later.

With 11 league titles on the shelves of their trophy Champions, Real Madrid is indeed the King of the season was no exception, 2016-2017. incorporated in Real Madrid's Champions League group F 2016-2017 with Legia Warzawa, Borussia Dortmund,and Sporting CP. Not just a factor of history, the present condition of the Madrid team did make opponents shudder.

For Ronaldo, Madrid Was Able To Defend Their Champions League Title

They never once did at the group phase of the Champions League since the season2012-2013!

At that time, the team that could beat the Los Blancos is Dortmund. No wonder if when the top brass of Dortmund does not like to meet the defending champion.

"I'm very much looking forward to the match group phase, now filled by teams great. The group is difficult, but very interesting. Can't wait it felt met the defending champion. Against Madrid is already like derbi! "said Dortmund coach Thomas Tuchel,on the official site of UEFA. Unchanged

Dortmund would provide a fierce resistance to the ambitions of the Los Blancos to win this group. Real Madrid squad changed a lot compared with the ultimate season champion.

That means, they have relatively plus-minus same or at least similar. The issue of team Madrid, often against teams with the drudgery of determination and cohesiveness of class one kinds of Dortmund, could appear again.

Marco Reus dkk provided tactics at once brilliant technique, flexible, and effectivelyutilize the counteroffensive.

Not only Dortmund, Sporting and Legia Warsaw have their respective advantages that could make Madrid dizzy.

Legia got a good defense and sharp strikers figure inside Nemanja Nikolic. Sportingmidfielder fed a half-hour Euro 2016 team Portugal: William Carvalho and Andre Silva.

His third encounter against Real Madrid would withdraw due to the Bernabeu in there is their captain in Euro, Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as former players from the Academy Sporting.

"Sporting are always special. Against them would be a great honor and moment inmy life. They've got great players and coaches, "said Ronaldo.