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Get To Know Groups Of Confidant Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho is expected to be announced as the new coach of Manchester United at the end of this week.

As a coach, Mourinho has a small group who will help him at Old Trafford.

The core team who are behind the arguably Jose Mourinho as the key behind the success of the original manager of the Portugal in his career.

Then anyone who becomes a figure of a coaching staff of Mourinho? Squawka elseencapsulate figure trust Mourinho in career kepelatihannya and figure that the possibility is not removed mourinho to Old Trafford.

Get To Know Groups Of Confidant Jose Mourinho

Rui Faria
It's been 15 years, Mourinho is working with Rui Faria. For Mourinho, Faria is a right hand and understand the information and how it works The Special One.

Mourinho met Faria as he became an assistant coach at FC Barcelona. Mourinho then pointed Faria as coach when he handles U. D Leiria in 2001.

Since then, the role of Faria together Against growing rapidly. Faria became an Assistant. In the second period at Chelsea, Mourinho's leadership Faria was at pinggrir field, while his boss pouting on the bench.

While Mourinho was banned from the lead child asuhnya on the Champions League games against Bayern Munich, Faria was accused of communicating with her manager. How berkomunikasinya by hiding a microphone behind his hat.

Same is the case with Mourinho, Faria belongs to the figure of the hot-blooded man. He was sentenced to 6 games related penalty against negative response given toSunderland in the Premier League match in 2014.

Silvino Louro

Louro joined Mourinho and Faria in Porto. He initially joined instead became an assistant coach. He started his career as a goalkeeping coach and continue to expand the Office when Mourinho moved to Chelsea, Inter Milan, and Real Madrid.

His work with Vitor Baia, Petr Cech, and Julio Cesar sederatan produces success among a number of league titles and the Champions League trophy among the four clubs that ever dibesutnya.

Louro will most likely fall into the hopper brought Mourinho to Old Trafford. Because, the Red Devils have fired Louis van Gaal reacted staff including goalkeeping coach Frans Hoek.

Get To Know Groups Of Confidant Jose Mourinho

Jose Morais

Morais will most likely not be brought Against. Currently, Morais was noted to be one of the managers of the Club Antalyaspor, Turkey.

Morais joined Mourinho when the coach of Inter Milan for directing. Saay, he is responsible for analyzing the ability of opponents. Mourinho then brought him to Real Madrid and Chelsea.

In Chelsea, Morais was on leave for a year to studied keperlatihan. He then coachedAl-Shabab (Saudi Arabia). He then successfully holds a Saudi Super Cup.

However, in the 2015-2016 season, Morais went back to Chelsea. However, Morais unlikely invited to Old Trafford because he was still bound by the contract of Antalyaspor.

Steve Holland

After proving himself to Crewe and Stoke City, Holland was appointed by Chelsea as the team manager of the reserve.

When The Blues dealt Andre Villas-Boas, Holland was promoted to the first team until a coaching era, Roberto Di Matteo, Rafael Benitez, and Jose Mourinho.

Get To Know Groups Of Confidant Jose Mourinho

Hollad is expected to remain at Chelsea and will be the coaching staff of the variousAntonio Conte. As a result, Mourinho certainly impossible carry Holland into the Mand.

Manchester United officials reportedly would equip Jose Mourinho at 200 million pounds or equivalent to Rp 4 trillion rupiah to armed squads in Exchange players.

After it was inaugurated as the new manager of Manchester United in the near future, Mourinho will be busy dabbling in the stock transfer in order to overhaul the RedDevils squad.

Abundant funds worth Rp 4 trillion it can buy anyone a desired player Mou. That number broke the record as the biggest spending budget since the architect appointed coached Chelsea in 2004.

Along with Chelsea in two period (2004-2007 and 2013-2015), the largest spending season for Mourinho shopping players only 122.5 million pounds.

Money equivalent of Rp 2.4 trillion it poured on the era of the first Mou to build Chelsea in the 2004-2005 season.

In the past 12 years, a record for the most expensive purchase of the Club in era Jose Mourinho was recorded on behalf of Andriy Shevchenko.

The former striker who is now Ukraine's sharp switch function be politicians were recruited for 32.5 million pounds from AC Milan in 2006.

Anyway, the giant budget create Shevchenko failed to spawn is the equivalent value of the result is expensive. Shevchenko scored just 9 goals in 48 League party while uniformed Chelsea in 2006-2009.

Armed with the highest budget at Manchester United, will record Shevchenko exceeded? Then, who would take over the status of the most expensive purchases of Mourinho?