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Paid Rp 4.39 M per week, Ibrahimovic ready to Join Man Utd

Ibrahimovic's agent, Mino Raiola, told United that Ibrahimovic wants to pay at least of 220,000 pounds (4.39 billion rupiah) per week.

Currently, Rooney became a star with the highest paid at Old Trafford with a nominal weekly of 300,000 pounds.

Ransom demands wage Ibrahimovic is certainly is not a stumbling block for the Red Devils. Moreover, he will join the exempt status of the transfer.

Earlier, Barcelona and Ibrahimovic have worked together in the Inter Milan all season 2008-2009.

MOU even praised Ibrahimovic with said, "a player who gives me (contribution) for the Brazilian will always be in my heart."

"He did a lot to Inter and Inter gave many things to him. He is very special and is one of the best strikers in the world," said peracik strategy beralias The Special One that.

Paid Rp 4.39 M per week, Ibrahimovic ready to Join Man Utd

Spain coach, Rafael Benitez, making netizen react hilarious on Twitter. It cannot be separated from the signing of the contract for three years as a tactic of Newcastle United, Wednesday (25/5/2016).

Benitez on duty for directing Newcastle on March 11, 2016 with the Mission of saving the Club from the brink of relegation.

Although it failed to run errands, Benitez is judged sufficient positive impact.

56-year-old man was able to scoop up three wins, four draws, results and swallowing three defeats.

Now, he is believed to have trained with Newcastle until 2019 with a prime target back into the Premier League.

However, with the sequence of the great achievements in the clubs previous foster, as Benitez along Valencia (League champions 2002, 2004), Liverpool (Champions League 2005), Inter Milan (World Club Cup), Chelsea (the UEFA Europa League 2013), and Naples (Coppa Italy 2014), making the football lovers surprised by his decision.

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In fact, Real Madrid had used the services of Benitez, until finally he landed at St. James Park.

Following the reaction of the hilarious Twitter after knowing Benitez persists in TheMagpies.

Paid Rp 4.39 M per week, Ibrahimovic ready to Join Man Utd

Rafael Benitez has provided certainty related decision as Manager of Newcastle United. Wednesday (25/5/2016) local time, coach aged 56 this year chose to persist in Saint James Park until 2019.

Benitez took a job as Manager of Newcastle in March, replacing coach Steve McClaren. At that time, the club called The Magpies are threatened degraded.

Former manager of Liverpool, Napoliand Real Madrid has signed a three-year contract with the bonding requirement. He has the option to terminate his contract in Newcastle are relegated to the Championship.

At the end of the season, Newcastle failed to survive the relegation of trapping. Benitez's future at Newcastle had any doubt.

Newcastle ensured relegated to the Championship next season after it finished only18th in the standings and packaging of 37 points.

On the last weekend of the Premier League, Newcastle closed the season with a disastrous 5-1 victory over Tottenham Hotspur, the team that finished as the third place, at Saint James ' Park Sunday (15/5/2016).

After consideration, Rafa give a decision and expressed its willingness to keep deal with Newcastle.

"Newcastle can make sure Rafa Benitez would remain the Manager of Newcastle United after signing a new contract agreement for three years," wrote the official Newcastle United statement.

"Benitez will be fully responsible for the entire related matters related to the football club."

Paid Rp 4.39 M per week, Ibrahimovic ready to Join Man Utd

Although Newcastle relegated, in fact, Benitez still had a positive note. In the last two months he could give three victories and records went undefeated in the six-game streak.

"I'm very happy to be remain at Newcastle United. The love that I felt from the fansplays a major role in my decision. So too with good relations with Lee Charnley and all the staff, "said Benitez.

Before stating his decision to persist in Saint James Park, Benitez had proposed the terms. That is, the guarantee of full support and discretion made efforts strengthen skuatnya.

"I am quite open and happy with everything. Now just need to be sure we do whatneeds to be done to return the promotion if I decided stay here, "said the Managerof origin Spain it on May 16.