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The sadness behind the appointment of Mourinho

There is an important conversation between Louis van Gaal reacted and Jose Mourinho in the summer of 1999. At that time, the two sang a Duet as a head coach andassistant coach of Barcelona.

Mourinho gets offer from Benfica to become Assistant to Jupp Heynkess. Before giving an answer, Mourinho mengonsultasikannya to his superiors.

"Pick up the phone and say to the President of Benfica when he wants You to accompany Jupp Heynckes, the answer is no," said Van Gaal reacted.

"When he wants You as a coach, I'll drive you to the airport and you go. So, you're ready for it. You may not be the Assistant again if left me, "said Netherlands-born man it.

The sadness behind the appointment of Mourinho

Tip the Van Free obeyed by Mourinho. Just one year ago, when Heynckes was fired, the man's origin that Portugal accepted the offer to become the head coach of Benfica.

Van Gaal reacted indeed plays a major role in Mourinho to become coach of the top-tier. At that time, Mourinho allowed leads the team at practice sessions and the trials. Meanwhile, Van Gaal reacted monitor from the stands.

This experience is very valuable to Mourinho. Moreover, he demanded control of the ego of a number of big names like Rivaldo, Ronaldo, Luis Figo, and Hristo Stoichkov.

"Van Gaal reacted to grow my confidence. He also teaches some of the things that is very important for my career, "said Mourinho.


The partnership between Van Gaal reacted and hence not heating up although Mourinho has to duel as opponents. Take for example ahead of the 2010 Champions League final, when a Van with free tackle Bayern Munich and Mourinho menukangi Inter Milan.

Bayern ensured a place in the final in advance, while Inter must wait for the enclosure to the party headquarters to Barcelona's Camp Nou stadium.

The sadness behind the appointment of Mourinho

Before Inter visit to Barcelona, Van Gaal reacted sends short messages to Mourinho.The message reads, "you live leaving only one hurdle. I've been in Madrid and waiting for you. "

Hope Van Gaal reacted to return meets Mourinho realised. Inter cruised into the final with a 3-2 aggregate victory.

Mourinho responded with a warm welcome when Van Gaal reacted certainly deal with Manchester United in the summer of 2014. Building on the success of last nameNetherlands national team advance to the semifinals of the World Cup.

"We are both great coaches and are born to it. Van Gaal reacted was the best coachin the world and a good friend. I can't wait to play against Man United, "said Mourinho.

Relation of both new looks awkward in the last half year. Due to a number of minorat the end of 2015, with free Van began to issue layoff rocked. Mourinho ever digadang-gadang as suksesor.

No wonder, after the FA Cup final, Saturday (21/5/2016), Van Gaal reacted, he oncesaid, "I pointed out the trophy to you, but don't want to talk to fellow media that has already fired me since six months ago."

The rumours have finally realized. Man United announced the termination of the contract with free Van, Monday (23/5/2016, and recruitment of Mourinho, Friday (27/5/2016).

Without tip Van Gaal reacted 17 years ago, Mourinho might not be a top manager and get the job diidamkannya for a long time.

Old Trafford is being publicly rejoice welcomes the decision of the Manchester United appoint Jose Mourinho as Manager on Friday (27/5/2016).

The official origins of Portugal Manager on duty at Old Trafford after signing a contract for three seasons with an option for a 1 year contract extension until 2020.

Behind the excitement, there is one figure that disappointed with the appointment of Mourinho. Arguably he would lose his job. The figure is Ryan Giggs, who in the last 2 seasons served as an assistant coach in the era of Louis van Gaal reacted.

The sadness behind the appointment of Mourinho

According to the Times, little possibility for Giggs survived in Old Trafford despite his 29 years settled there. The reason, Mourinho will bring people religious beliefs including Rui Faria who has always been the Assistant Manager of the origin of Portugal.

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If true, then the CEO leave Giggs Red Devils, Ed Woodward, would receive criticism.Earlier, Woodward became the spotlight behind his decision to lift David Moyes and Louis van Gaal reacted.

However at this time, Woodward is convinced is not wrong. "Mourinho really is the best managers today. He's already won the trophy and inspired many players in some European countries, "said Ed Woodward.

"He was of course very acquainted with the Premier League after grabbing three titles here," he said.

Coached Red Devils third-period is in the career of Mourinho in the United Kingdom. He had previously for directing Chelsea in 2004 and 2013.

In the second period at Chelsea, Mourinho was sacked in December 2015, after The Blues is ranked 16th or superior only 1 point from the relegation zone.

Mourinho is expected to be magpies prime time Man United match against Borussia Dortmund on pramusim in China, 22 July 2016.