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Two Sides Of Diego Simeone Pascalaga Cons Rostov

Atletico Madrid magpies enclosure in opposing Russia's representative that Calderon with a 2-1 victory.

Goals Atleti which appeared thanks to Antoine Griezmann brace spawn a ticket to the last 16 of the Champions League.

Frankly breakouts his forces to make the knock-out phase semringah Simeone. Atletico forward any trends drove to stage a fall since 2013-2014.

"Qualifying for the round of 16 for the fourth time consecutively indeed brilliant. It makes us proud. The achievement is a great beginning to grab the important targetthis season, "said Simeone on the UEFA website. Victory over Rostov on matchday 4 making Atletico Madrid carved out a perfect record in Group D.

Earlier, quoting Jose cs Griezmann over PSV Eindhoven (1-0), Bayern Munich (1-0), and Excel at home Rostov in the first duel (1-0).

Two Sides Of Diego Simeone Pascalaga Cons Rostov

Only, there is speck of stain. The player's goal in Rostov, Sardar Azmoun, in special note damage Calderon Atleti which always make a clean sheet.

Related difficulties its troops on this game, Simeone shows a side of dissatisfactionover the performance of the team. He is a little angry.

"According to our estimate of this party. Hard, hard, and competitive. We know the way they play it, invading, and circulate the ball well. I took a bad decision at a fewmoments in a match, "said Simeone.

When asked a question of bad decisions that, Simeone-averse to explain it in a news conference.

"I go home with a feeling of disappointment because of it. I don't want to disclose itand will think about it tonight, "said Argentina coach it. Do not forget the boss cast a compliment for Griezmann, who buy up goals Atletico to Rostov.

France striker did make his last goal because the drama that determines victory Atleti born in the ultimate minute.

Dwigol Griezmann this time disconnect famine four party without a goal he experienced before.

"When Griezmann not scoring, he's still the most dangerous player. Team grateful because we need his presence in front of the opponent, "said Simeone again. In theChampions League group D match it on Tuesday (2/11/1999), Bayern had left by scoring Santiago Arias in the 14th minute. However, Bayern could rise up and won thegame thanks to touchdowns Robert Lewandowski (34 ', 74 ').

"At first we were trouble. In the second half, we played much faster and mengkreasimore opportunities, "said Ancelotti on the official site of UEFA reserved his team's victory over PSV.

This victory makes Bavaria steady in second place with 9 points from four matches, left behind three points of Atletico Madrid. Their position could not possibly overtaken by FC Rostov and PSV (1 point).

Bayern is a great club to a Pick 6-ushering passes to the phase of autumn. Earlier, he also was delivering Juventus, AC Milan, Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain, and Real Madrid past the group phase of the Champions League under Ancelotti, the largest number of clubs that are passed to the fall phase of the Champions League by a coachis just four teams.

Rafael Benitez was a manager who could get to the fall phase of the Champions League. He's never done it together with Valencia, Liverpool, Inter Milan and Napoli.

Even though it has successfully passed Inter from the group phase, Benitez did not lead in the round of 16 because it was fired after the Club World Cup, December 2010. Group D match of the Champions League that Bavaria had left by scoring Santiago Arias in the 14th minute. However, Bayern could rise up and won the game thanks to touchdowns Robert Lewandowski (34 ', 74 ').

"We played too slow in the first half, but we were better in the second half," said Robben after the match.

"Overall, we played well. However, our ball movement was too slow in the first half.We should have won by a bigger margin, "said Mueller adds.
According to Mueller, his team could have won with a bigger margin. However, she remains relieved Bayern win and ensure qualified for the round of 16. " This is a special night for me. Although the game is not too good. We still qualify for the next round, "said Robben.

Game cons PSV indeed became a moment special for Robben. He played in the Philips Stadium got its name mengelu-elukan.

Robben did indeed once part of PSV. Its founders came the Academy of Groningenplayers that played for the Club between 2002 and 2004, and then proceed to Chelsea.