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Pep Will Make A City ' Beautiful ' As Barcelona

Confirmation of hiring Jose Mourinho as coach of Manchester United is hindered because of the property rights on his behalf still are in the former club, Chelsea. Souvenir trinkets The Blues still sells a number of items related to the figure of The SpecialOne.

Ownership of the copyright to the name of Jose Mourinho's Chelsea already by being a major reason Man United has not yet released the official appointment of Jose Mourinho as coach of the Red Devils.

If Man United want to deal with the problem, they have to pay some money to theChelsea management.

Proprietary rights in the name of Jose Mourinho allowed Chelsea to sell items related to the original figure of Portugal it.

According to the Mirror site, souvenirs sold by Mourinho Chelsea include goods from porcelain and glass, combssponges, glassesbeer steins, mugs, glasses of whiskey, wine glasses, drinking places, miniature dolls, video game machine, to the piggy bank and toothbrush-shaped face mask, and Mourinho.

Pep Will Make A City ' Beautiful ' As Barcelona

Proprietary rights on behalf of Mourinho in the hands of Chelsea since Mourinho first docked to Stamford Bridge in 2005, and will be completed by 2025.

When Mourinho coached Inter Milan and Real Madrid, both the Club used the name of Jose Mourinho's Chelsea's permission.

The negotiation process between Man United and Chelsea are expected to be completed before the end of this week. If the negotiations go smoothly, Man United will announce the appointment of Mourinho on Friday (27/5/2016).

Mourinho will train at Old Trafford for three season replacing the fired Louis van Gaal reacted early in the weekend.

Josep "Pep" Guardiola believed would make the Manchester City game replicate Barcelona, though The Citizens do not have Cristiano Ronaldo.

Guardiola will start for directing City on July 1, 2016, after his tenure with Bayern Munich expired. For in Bavaria, he successfully grabbed the three Bundesliga title and both the DFB Pokal.

Pep Will Make A City ' Beautiful ' As Barcelona

The decision to recruit Pep is inseparable from the desire of the owner so that The Citizens could grab the title of League Champions for the first time.

As a coach, Pep is experienced in the Champions League. It is inseparable from theattainment of the Spain coach gives 2 trophies Si El Barca for the Ear.

However, Carlo Ancelotti who is an suksesor Pep Guardiola looked at that in Bavarianot only brings more than trophies. Ancelotti assessing the Pep will develop game tiki-taka in the City, just as he did at Bayern and Barca.

"Every manager brings a style of game and metodeloginya. Guardiola will do the same thing. When Guardiola left Barcelona, people said, ' ah she could not apply the same style game in Bayern Munich because he didn't have a Messi, "said Ancelotti.

"But in the end, Bavaria in applying the same style game in Barcelona. His playing style is different but the players are the same. The same thing would apply in Manchester City. They will master the ball and control the game. For this, Barcelona is a fantastic trainer because he was able to establish the identity of the team with very strong, "said the Italy coach.

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Pep Will Make A City ' Beautiful ' As Barcelona

Capability building team identity became the Pep is the main reason the City recruited him. "He could build a new identity, a new style, and a new culture. In the end, Manchester City is a team of young players are inhabited. Not a team with tradition like Manchester United or Arsenal, "he said.

Thibaut Courtois expressed his desire to stay at Chelsea in the summer of 2015-2016. He was aroused to bring his team back to win the League.

Got Sky Sports reported, Wednesday (25/5/2016), Courtois entry lists the Real Madrid game. The club called Los Blancos called looking for alternative options if it failedin a transfer saga of David De Gea.

Responding to the rumours, Courtois berikrar to honor a contract to 30 June 2019.

"We will have a new coach and I bonded with the cooperation of three years. If nothing strange happens, I will continue his career at Chelsea, "said Courtois.

However, Courtois does belies a feeling of disillusionment with a trip to Chelsea in 2014-2015. The club called The Blues ended the Premier League with a 10th positionso that failed to perform in the Champions League next season.

Chelsea slump participated and influenced by the absence of Courtois. He had to undergo restoration of knee injury for three months.

"A while back, I don't have yet to achieve the best performance. My performance level lower than last season, "said Courtois.

"Hopefully, we live a better season and become a champion," he said.

Courtois himself is rumored to have done the meeting with Antonio Conte as the new Manager. Last name intends to maintain the original Belgium goalkeeper it.