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Young Man United Defender Is Hoping To Go Mourinho's Heart

Arsenal confirm the success of Borussia Moenchengladbach central midfielder, buyGranite Xhaka, on Wednesday (25/5/2016). One of the reasons that Switzerland midfielder joined The Gunners is a football referee Premier League.

In addition to improving football career, the reason is because the move Xhaka liked the style of play the team that Manager Arsene Wenger's direction.

"I love the game of football that aggressive and became the leader of the team. I was 23 years old, but has been a captain at a major club in Germany, "says Xhaka to the official website of Arsenal.

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Young Man United Defender Is Hoping To Go Mourinho's Heart

Xhaka also mentioned that one of the reasons her joined Arsenal and played in thePremier League is the referee. Xhaka judge referee Premier League is not selembek in the Bundesliga.

"In Germany, you could appear aggressive, but referees always blow the peluitnya. In the United Kingdom will not like it and is great for me. I also like the style of play the way Arsenal play, "said Xhaka.

In addition to confessing Xhaka excited could join Arsenal, this transfer was also welcomed by Wenger. The Manager of the origin of France that claims to have the bloody Albania players monitor it since long.

"Granit Xhaka is a very exciting young players. He has a lot of experience in the Champions League and the Bundesliga. He is a player who can improve the quality of our Squad, "Wenger said.

"We also hope the Xhaka can appear nicely on the 2016 European Championship along with Switzerland prior to greet him at Arsenal next season," he said.

Arsenal reportedly has issued funds amounting to 35 million pounds or 700 billion rupiah for acquired Xhaka. The 23-year-old player that is a major flagship Gladbach since 19-year-old.

Xhaka joined Gladbach in 2012 from FC Basel for 8.5 million euros or 129 billion rupiah. During the last four seasons, he has performed as many as 108 times in the Bundesliga appearances and scored six goals.

Certainty the arrival of Jose Mourinho alongside Manchester United, arguably the only wait time. It has made some players Red Devils trying to win the heart of 53-year-old it Manager in order to grab a place in the first team, particularly the younger players.

Young Man United Defender Is Hoping To Go Mourinho's Heart

One of the young players the Manchester United Man hoping to win the heart of Mourinho is Patrick "Paddy" McNair. BEK was 21 years it hopes to get much of a chance, "his ability in order to show the admission plan Mourinho in building the team.

"Mourinho is a world-class Manager and has won many titles. He has handled many of the best players of the world and I will try everything possible to impress her, "said McNair told Sky Sports.

"Hopefully he saw me perform (with Northern Ireland) European Cup 2016.0" said the original cast construction Academy Man United it.

In the summer of 2015-2016, McNair did not get much of a chance tanmpil from Louis van Gaal reacted. The Northern Ireland midfielder was just unbelievable appeared eight times in the Premier League with the duration of the 311 minutes.

In fact, McNair gets more chances to play in the 2014-2015 season. He got the chance appears 12 times as a starter from 16 matches in the Premier League with duration of 1,028 seconds.

Young Man United Defender Is Hoping To Go Mourinho's Heart

The debut party McNair together Man United took place on 27 September 2014 face West Ham United.

In addition to the about the depanya in the squads, McNair was also talking about the prospect of Defeat alongside Man United. Although there are still many pros and cons about it, calling the original Manager Portugal McNair as the right choice for the Red Devils.

"Manchester United should have won many trophies every season. MOU has grabbed a lot of titles, so it is the most appropriate choice for the Club, "said McNair.

Rumours of Jose Mourinho as coach of Manchester United a little longer to become a reality. However, Mourinho's former club, Chelsea could thwart realization of the desire of Manchester United.

Portugal coach was rumored to have already reached a verbal agreement with the management of Man United. Mourinho replaced Louis van Gaal reacted as coach of the Red Devils, nickname of Manchester United.

However, Mourinho's former club Chelsea controlled the copyright ownership on behalf of Mourinho.

It is potentially damaging to the agreement between Man United and a figure called The Special One by the football connoisseur audience.

According to data Ownership of intellectual property rights Office United Kingdom, Chelsea still has the right to use the name of Mourinho in a series of clubs, such asglass trinkets and cups, masks, as well as Teddy bears.

Moreover, some of the trinkets are still for sale at Mourinho nuanced the official site's store in Chelsea, including a giant poster figure Mourinho.