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Rio Ferdinand Greet The Arrival Of Jose Mourinho's Positive

Next season's FA Cup will experience a change of format. United Kingdom Football Association (FA) discussing new rules to make the tournament more interesting.

During this time, the oldest football competition in the world it's always played thegame restarted when a match ends the series. New at the game, if the score is still the same, held extra time and then penalties.

This resulted in a number of action that should be undertaken by a team be swell. As a result, a number of teams could play solid schedule in a certain period.

The FA then took the initiative to remove the action restarted. However, this change is a new effect in the quarter-finals which are usually held in March.

Rio Ferdinand Greet The Arrival Of Jose Mourinho's Positive

"The FA Cup is still the heart of football in the United Kingdom. These changes are expected to be able to increase the passion of the competition as well as other benefits, "said Martin Glenn, Chairman of the FA, as reported by The Guardian, Thursday(26/5/2016).

The quarter-final is chosen by the FA because it's usually crowded schedule awaits the clubs in March. A number of clubs will follow the fall phase of the Europa League. The month is also the agenda of international matches.

In addition, the repeated action would only reduce attendance compared to the present system one match wrong. This matter to the attention of the FA.

"Last week, in the final competition of the professional nonliga, there are 50,000 spectators present at Wembley Stadium watching the match of the FA Vase and FA Trophy," said Glenn continue.

"With still upholds the tradition and history, this new development will help the FA Cup as a beloved and well-known event in the world," he said again.

FA Cup 2015-2016 won by Manchester United. On the way to the final, the club called Vicious Red it has to go through a match in the quarter-final against West Ham United.

Overall, since the first round-when the professional league team participating, there are 26 matches that must be played to determine the winner.

Former Manchester United tough Defender, Rio Ferdinand, welcomes Jose Mourinho who was believed to have agreed to become the new manager at Old Trafford, Thursday (26/5/2016) local time, a three-year contract with ties.

Rio Ferdinand Greet The Arrival Of Jose Mourinho's Positive

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Media-media United Kingdom believes Man United will provide new official announcement as the new manager of Arsenal in the next 24 hours.

"Congratulations to Jose who will be announced as the Club's Manager in the world," wrote Ferdinand through his personal Facebook account.

"Truly this is the most interesting and challenging job to Jose Mourinho. One thing I can say to the Man United fans that they have gained a true winner in all aspects. CV Mourinho shows success. "

Jose Mourinho's Chelsea fired in December after experiencing hard times season 2015-2016. However, Ferdinand remains confident coach with aka The Special One could make Man United back allows won prestigious titles.

"Mourinho had a great personality for this great club. Something already dinantikannya. Hopefully he gets the best, "connect the writings of Ferdinand on Facebook.

The Club with the alias Red Devils that middle does not have fired the coach after Louis van Gaal reacted, Monday (23/5/2016). United dismiss Van Gaal reacted because it is considered not successful this Club achievements in leveraging two seasons.

Has not yet been officially announced, last few days even been popping up speculation that players might become the target of Mourinho.

Andre Gomes, John Stones, Alvaro Morata, Mauro Icardi, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic were believed to already be in the list of players it Mourinho on stock transfers this summer.

At least Wenger disbursed the funds of 150 million pounds or nearly Rp 3 trillion to spend the players Mourinho.

Manchester United are believed to be announced Jose Mourinho (53 years) as new Manager less than 24 hours into the future.

Based on observations of the Guardian, Mourinho is believed to have already signed a contract with Man United's bond, Thursday (26/5/2016) local time. The official announcement of the new estimated to be released, Friday (27/5/2016) local time.

Sky Sports alerts you of Mourinho and met with Vice President of Man United, Ed Woodward, in one of the hotels in London, Thursday (26/5/2016). The meeting was claimed to do the signing of the contract.

The Manager called The Special One that was believed to have signed a three-yearduration to train at Old Trafford.