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The Club is Most wary of Jose Mourinho's Premier League

Jose Mourinho often attempt to steal the hearts of Manchester United supporters in the past. Mourinho was blasted out of recognition after Man United announced himself as the new Manager, Friday (27/5/2016).

For supporters of Manchester United, Mourinho is not unfamiliar figure. However, the origin of man that Portugal has always come as the opponent, not a friend.

As many as 20 counter action Man United made Mourinho, 14 of them together. As a result, Mourinho's team grabbed nine WINS and just three defeats to swallow.

"I used to play at Old Trafford. There is empathy I feel. In fact, what I say sometimes makes the Club is not happy, "said Mourinho.

"When carrying Real Madrid to Old Trafford, I say that the best team lost. Not many people in Madrid was pleased with the attention, "said he.

The Club is Most wary of Jose Mourinho's Premier League

Word that Mourinho was referring to the round of 16 Champions League 2012-2013. Madrid won 2-1 over Man United in the second party in the stadium Old Traffordso that it has the right to advance to the quarterfinals.

Mourinho is also expected to be able to build good relations with supporters. Former manager Louis van Gaal reacted, failed to do so because of defensive tactics aredemonstrated.

Related matter, Mourinho asked supporters to forget the last two managers of theperiod, namely Van Gaal reacted and David Moyes. They are not able to give the trophy to public Premier League for Old Trafford.

"I think, we must shape the perspective. One of them, the last three years is history.I prefer to forget it, "said Mourinho.

After the official arrival at Manchester United, Manager Jose Mourinho (53) should be ready to face familiar foes in the United Kingdom. Who is the Club's most viable rivals look out for Mou?

Throughout his career in the Premier League, Mourinho was often made giddy by bogey-team aka the team that often presents difficulties for his troops.

Not Arsenal, Manchester City, Liverpool or FC dangerous rivals. Mourinho has a nicerecord thus opposed the top teams of the League United Kingdom as they are.

The Club is Most wary of Jose Mourinho's Premier League

Bogey-team for the most prominent architect of Portugal is the ninth ranked clubs in the EPL 2015-2016, Stoke City.

The status of the scourge to Stoke exposed in a meeting with Jose Mourinho's clubrecord of the origin of the West Midlands region.

A 7-time duel, Mourinho Chelsea along recorded 4 victories and 2 defeats. The total number of Mou's defeat of Stoke is indeed losing his record conquered Liverpool (6 times) and Newcastle (4).

Only, the defeat of Liverpool include only 26 percent of the total meetings in various event (23 Parties). The ratio takluknya Mourinho at the hands of Newcastle also just 28 percent from the 14 clash.

Therefore, report 3 times tumbles from 7 duel cons Stoke ratio produces higher defeat (42.8%).

Three forces defeat Mourinho appeared in cage matches in EPL Stoke 2013-2014 (2-3) and 2015-2016 (0-1), as well as Act IV League Cup 2015-2016 (1-1; 5-6 on penalties).

The remaining 4 party led to victory for Chelsea, on a pair of dueling EPL 2014-2015(2-1, 2-0), to-33 season 2013-2014 (3-0), and the IV round of FA Cup 2013-2014 (1-0).

Will the Stoke remains a bogey-team after a defeat to Manchester United in control?

On Friday (27/5/2016), the official Manchester United ensure Jose Mourinho will menukangi the Club for at least the next three years. The fantastic record counter top-tier team United Kingdom became one of the largest capital.

The Club is Most wary of Jose Mourinho's Premier League

Mourinho's first landing in the realm of Queen Elizabeth II in 2004 after Porto won the Champions League.

The Special One, so he called self in his first press conference.

"Please don't call me arrogant, but I'm European champion and I think I'm a specialone," he said in front of the assembled media.

He immediately established himself not only full of gab. In his first season, he immediately brought Chelsea Premier League champion.

The title is The first League title in 50 years.

Rapornya direct counterinsurgency teams flashy top-tier Premier League.

In the first match of the menukangi Chelsea, he brought The Blues a 1-0 win over Man United on August 15, 2004.

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On the season, Mourinho won six of the eight duelnya with big five teamsstandings.

He took Chelsea won five of the eight matches last with a score of 1-0, including victories home and away opponents Everton and Liverpool.

Complete the MOU a 1-0 victory over Man United at last by taking three points at Old Trafford thanks to a 3-1 result at the beginning of May 2005.

This record continued throughout his time in the United Kingdom.

Mourinho, overseas usually, only losing 5 times from 44 matches Premier League opponents Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, and Liverpool!